SQA Concepts offers timely, reliable, high quality information technology consulting services. SQA Concepts’s consulting services provide support at any point in the application life cycle. Whether the need is for a single programming resource or a team to develop the next generation of applications or the complete support and maintenance of IT operations. SQA Concepts consultants have the skills and experience to analyze business processes and apprise on using IT effectively to accomplish business goals and maximize the Return on Investments. SQA Concepts consultants are highly skilled in the areas of planning, designing, development, testing, maintenance, service provisioning, research, training, operations and administration.
J2EE Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE) is a set of related specifications and documentation that define an enterprise-level computing architecture using the Java platform. Core components of J2EE are Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB), JavaServer Pages (JSP) and Java servlets and a host of interfaces—including JDBC, JNDI, JMS, and JTA—for linking to the information resources of an enterprise. Dedicated to enterprise software development, this architecture simplifies the development of component-based multitier applications and Web services. Using J2EE, applications that are portable, scalable, and interoperable can be built easily. Portal Development Quickly deliver information to your customers, partners, and employees on-time, easily, and efficiently. Manage your assets and streamline your business processes under one solution. Vignette portal development and content management. .NET The Microsoft .NET framework is a software development platform designed to enable rapid application development, platform independence, and network transparency. An environment for building, deploying, and running Web Services and other applications, .NET includes many technologies that can accelerate the development of Internet and intranet applications.
System Administration in Enterprise Redhat Linux, Solaris, Irix, FreeBSD, AIX, Cluster. Network Installation and Management We offer the services like building the networks for various sizes, Supporting the Customers on network issues and installing the router, switches, firewalls. Configuring the router and firewall according to the policies of various organizations. TL1, SNMP, CORBA, packet and circuit switched networks.
We create test suites for test automation, validation and verification. We also provide testing services like functional testing, load testing, technology testing, regression testing and integration testing.
Firmware and Protocol Implementation SQA Concepts has considerable domain knowledge in networking and telecom. We have experience in development of software for data networks based on IP and have worked on access devices, switches and routers. We also develop protocol stacks in the areas of LAN, WAN, ATM, telecommunications and signaling, and for embedded applications on specific platforms. Device driver development We develop device drivers for various devices on multiple platforms such as Unix, Linux/ Lineo, Windows, VxWorks and pSOS, on specific chips. We develop drivers for interfaces and devices like USB, Firewire, Bluetooth, IEEE802.XX, printer drivers, Audio/ MIDI etc.
We also provide training on the following skills Java/J2EE, .NET, Oracle, Service Oriented Architecrure(SOA), Cloud Computing(Hadoop), Netezza, Hyperion Essbase And Planning, CRM, ERP, SQL Server, PHP, Vignette, Software Quality Assurance, HTML, Weblogic Admin, Unix/Linux Administration.
SQA Concepts offers various Business Process Outsourcing services like, Data entry, Data validation , Document Processing, Indexing & Data conversion and migration, Medical Transcription, Medical Billing. SQA Concepts provides business process knowledge to achieve cost effectiveness and 24/7 coverage for your processes. We offer the business processes to the customers are often able to reengineer those processes and capture new efficiencies. Apart from the above services, we also provide services in • Configuration Management • Datawarehouse • Data Migration • ERP and SAP.
SQA Concepts offers various Mobile Services that allows you to accelerate your mobile app development by providing a turnkey way to structure storage, authenticate users, and send push notifications. With SDKs for Windows, Android, iOS, and HTML as well as a powerful and flexible REST API, Mobile Services lets you to build connected applications for any platform and deliver a consistent experience across devices.
Cloud is the way ​to achieve on-demand agility and seamless scalability in operations. Our customers are beginning to realize the potential of Cloud to meet their need for standardization, variabilization and simplification of their IT footprint. The faster an organization finds comfort with Cloud technology, and begins to innovate, the sooner the payback will be realized. At SQA Concepts, we engage with customers to holistically examine their business needs. Our Cloud IPs, assets, solutions, and services are then tailored to meet these requirements, to deliver the key Cloud benefits of business agility, scalability, and flexibility, in a robust and secure environment.
SQA Media Services offer the flexibility, scalability and reliability of a cloud platform to handle high quality media experiences for a global audience. Media Services includes cloud-based versions of many existing technologies from our media partners, including ingest, encoding, format conversion, content protection and both on-demand and live streaming capabilities. Whether enhancing existing solutions or creating new workflows, you can easily combine and manage Media Services to create custom workflows that fit every need.
SAS is widely used in clinical trial data analysis in pharmaceutical, biotech and clinical research companies. SAS programmers play an important role in clinical trial data analysis. In addition to doctors and clinicians who collect clinical trial data, the group conducting data analysis includes statisticians, clinical data managers (COMs) and SAS programmers. Statisticians provide the ideas and methods of the data analysis, clinical data managers manage the collected data and control the data quality. In between, SAS programmers implement the analysis methods on the collected data and provide the study summary tables, data listing and graphs to the statisticians andlor clinicians to write study report. SAS programmers work closely with statisticians and data managers. They provide the link between raw data and the analysis. This paper discusses the SAS programmers' roles in the clinical trial data analysis task flow, describes the SAS programmers' tasks and skills, and provides insight on how to work with people in the team.